Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who would of known... Salmon En Croute

This was a very easy prep meal with a beautiful presentation for Salmon. My husband Gabe has the eating capacity of a third grader. He told me when I started this project to just not tell him what was in the recipe and he could eat them. He hasn't complained once so far even with this salmon dish. Of course, loading the salmon with mozzarella did not hurt my chances. The taste was unexpectedly American and did not taste fishy at all. It almost seemed more like a salmon pizza. The taste was complimented well by the basil and tomatoes. The ingredients are not at first glance what you would put together but they all complimented each other in such a firecracker way. 

So what did I learn with this one?
- Great taste doesn't have to be cooked and prepped for hours.
- Everything taste better with cheese.
- If your husband won't eat olive paste on salmon then try a little spicy mustard.

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