Thursday, August 26, 2010

This bird died in honor...

I have some vegetarian friends so I apologize for the graphic nature of this picture. Between the rest of us meat eaters I have to say this chicken was delicious. This meal was a good size for the entire family and a healthy way to cook chicken and veggies everyone enjoyed. Prior to this meal I had only seen a entire chicken cooked not actually prepared one myself. Lets just say I really didn't need the things left stuffed in the chickens behind cavity however what I put back in was a great way to flavor the chicken. The chicken is stuffed with basil and a pricked lemon. Then the veggies and chicken were roasted together. After I made the chicken I attempted to make the gravy. Now maybe because my idea of a gravy being from Georgia and Jamie Oliver's idea of a gravy being a Brit is completely different the gravy seemed off or maybe I just screwed it up. However it did taste great made of beef stock and red wine but the portion seemed to great for the amount of veggies the recipe called for.

So what did I learn from this recipe?
- Don't be scared of a dead bird it won't cluck back at you
- Its ok to improvise a recipe when you don't have the right thing or a clue how to use the right thing
- Its ok to look lost at the grocery store in search of the right ingredients. I couldn't find whole basil and asked three workers and I stood at least 15 mins in the cheese department actually reading names over prices.
- If you cook anything for over an hour and the house fills up with yummy smells they will come.
- Also maybe this strange memory may go away: Every time I chop onions I think of burger king.

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