Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mama mia thats some good friggin lasagna

You know I doubted the taste of this recipe when I put carrots and celery in the sauce and wondered why I would use sour cream but this lasagna was amazing.There seriously are no other words. I closed my eyes with every bite. I had a friend over while I was making dinner and she also was in love. I think she even tried to go for thirds. One reason I have always chosen frozen lasagna over homemade is price. However this lasagna is going to feed my family twice as opposed to once with the frozen. I probably spent about $15 for all the ingredients and split over two days this meals come out at less than $8 to feed 3-4 people. (Depends on how much you want to pig out!)  I made this last night and had to fight myself to keep me from eating it for breakfast this morning. This is a great dish for the family or a party. I was so proud of this lasagna I wanted to pack it up in to go boxes and send it to other people to try. When is the last time you were so excited about your meal that you wanted to share it? Cooking it was not as scary as making that bird but it did have plenty of slicing and dicing. The sauce took me about an hour to make before I put it on the oven, given I was chatting it up with a friend and slapping her with cooked noodles. ( I thought It would taste good as some seasoning, haha.) Then it took about 20 mins to put together the the lasagna and it cooks for about an hour. So no, this is not a quick meal but I would make it if it even took all day just to enjoy that taste more often.
I fell in love all over again.

Cyndi being slapped with a noodle.  This reenactment almost captures her true reaction.

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