Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My foodie project ...

The idea of my foodie project is to help me explore the foods of other cooks and countries with in my own home. I have recently become a stay at home mom and I wouldn't have it any other way. However, I think every mother tends to put everyone else before herself. I also am a little more home bound than I would like to be. So this project is a combination of my love for food & cooking but also a way to do something for myself that benefits everyone. (aka Mom doesn't go crazy and everyone gets fed.) I get to explore my own passion while attracting friends for dinner and providing home cooked meals for my family. Meals that can't be eaten on the couch or eaten with out closing your eyes.
Today I made homemade lasagna for the first time and it was so good I had to close my eyes with every bite. I thought to myself I want to never eat food again that I can garble down without even considering the taste. Even the most cheese loaded homemade lasagna has to be better for you enjoyed one bite at a time than a fast food salad stuck down your throat at the speed of light. Today was my first day and I had some of the best food I've had in a long time and I made some great memories. I hope I can share my enthusiasm and passion with other moms struggling to find time for themselves, their family, and especially those having a hard time motivating themselves to choose an amazing home cooked meal over a convenient take out or frozen meal. Up until recently my idea of cooking was cooking a frozen lasagna. I know that some days are so busy and that's why I've determined to make at least one not three homemade meals a day. I guess cereal doesn't count? However I have tons of quick recipes for those challenging days. I hope that every meal makes me feel proud and every dinner seems like a dinner party. I hope to enjoy cooking as a passion and not an obligation. I'm going to try and cook one home cooked meal a day and see what difference it makes in my everyday life. Its similar to that movie Julia and Julia expect hopefully this blog won't have a disappointing ending and my main hope is for everyone to just come back to enjoying cooking.

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