Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer dish Delight.. Fried Shrimp and Avacado with Marie Rose Sauce

This dish was a perfect summer delight. Its just the right taste and textures for the summer. Avocado is a hit or miss with my taste buds but paired with the fried shrimp its the perfect mix of rough and spicy with smooth and fruity. I took every bite with a shrimp and a piece of Avocado drowned in Marie Rose Sauce. It was a good surprise for my tongue and a great mix from traditional dinners. This would be prefect to serve at a summer outdoor picnic or party. It could be easily made in mass. The shrimp is covered in flour and lightly seasoned with paprika,salt, and pepper. The avocado is seasoned with lime juice and Marie rose sauce.

Today  I made this for lunch with baby girl napping and I made a mess all over my counters. The meal took less than 20 mins to make if you don't include peeling your shrimp and the cleaning the powder and sauce off my counter only took about 5 mins. I smell pretty summery after squeezing limes and lemons so yay another added bonus. This is a great healthy meal to make on a diet if you don't fry the shrimp. The avocado isn't low in calories but the type of fat it has is very healthy for you.

One of the things that has been great during this project is I've manage to loose some weight eating these great meals! Also my grocery list is twice as long but my weekly bill has gone down $20. Also for once in my refrigerator, the veggie draws actually have veggies and not sodas in them. ;-)

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