Monday, August 30, 2010

Pork and Mushroom Kabobs...

These Kabobs were excellent grilled and covered with lemon juice. Also paired with buttery white rice with a little touch of lemon juice too. This a healthy and delicious dinner. The taste is light and very summery. This is a great date night meal if you and your man can both get into the kitchen and make those kabobs together. Also a good party meal because it can be easily made in mass. My husband hardly ever takes the time to tell me what his meal taste like but he kept repeating over and over this is soooooooo good. Date night is more fun when you make something special and when is the last time you had kabobed anything? Turn something you make any day into something special just by making it in a different way. I will have to keep this one on file for when I'm doing a healthy cooking week. ;-)

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