Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coffee brazed roast beef with veggies and gravy

That's right I said it. I found a way to mix coffee with good ole fashion meat and potatoes. 1 cup of strongly brewed coffee cooked for 3.5 hours with carrots, potatoes, celery, 2lbs of roast beef, and topped with a little red wine vinegar. After this no fuss crock pot mill was done cooking I had my sweet husband carve the roast while I turned our coffee based brew into gravy. Now my husband can't even stand the smell of coffee so no worries about eaters who don't like coffee. The coffee base gives a rich seasoned taste to the meat with out the use of a ton of salt or the use of any wine. The gravy has a taste similar to traditional wine based gravy. This is a great winter meal to help keep you warm and out of hibernation mode and serves well with lovely bright colors such as bright orange, green, dark brown, and a light pink to your meat. Even better is the no mess cooking of the crock pot and you can keep it warm in the crock pot and easily serve again later.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


      Well I'm so happy to be in the Christmas season and have some holidays to enjoy my family and Remember the giving of the Savior to us in baby Jesus. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
      Its the time of year when we all realize our pants fit a little to snugly for comfort.  I have been dieting prior to the holidays (Every foodies worst nightmare!) and lost five lbs in the past week or two. Perhaps to prepare for Christmas feasting. I lost 5 lbs last week and in two days of Christmas celebrations I've gained 5.5 lbs. Guess that is how to cookie crumbles. (Straight to the hips!) So the next recipes to the blog are going to focus on two things.. low calorie recipes and the use of my new crock pot. This is a great combo for the new year because as the cold winter months arrive everyone really enjoys a warm cozy meal from the crock pot and so rarely does this work with every ones new years resolutions to loose weight. So I will be posting low calorie recipes to help all my fellow weight loss buddies but promise not to post anything that does not meet the foodie criteria.. "It must taste so good that you can't eat it with out closing your eyes." Truly enjoying what you eat and savoring every bite helps you to feel more satisfied and loose weight. Good luck and Good eating in this new year.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make Classic Fantastic.... Spaghetti

Spaghetti is that quick cook family meal.. fills every one's tummy with out emptying any ones wallet.
I grew up hating spaghetti never really liking the red sauce. It was an over cooked meal served at every event or bad Monday dinner. Now though I find myself more accustomed to  a red sauce although you'll never see me order it at a restaurant. But for home I make spaghetti with out the sauce that comes in the jar and serve it in a more authentic but just as easy way..
Use canned roasted tomatoes instead of the traditional red sauce in a jar. It is texturally more appealing and healthier. Add some basil and garlic for seasoning and throw in some mushrooms for good taste. To serve in a more luxurious way use crumbled goat cheese on top when served but the traditional Parmesan is always appreciated.  This served with a different noodle to change things up and serve with chicken on the side for a healthier Italian meal.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Butterflid Steak, Portabella mushrooms, & Ciabatta roll!

Uhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmy!
The roll is amazing at the bottom of the plate after it sucks in the juices from the steak and mushrooms.
The mushrooms add a juicy contrast texture to the toasted bread and steak.
I think adding some green like roasted asparagus would be a color and taste compliment that was lacking from the dish.

I think the best part of this dish was the ciabatta roll, freshly baked ... at my Ingles of course. You don't think I actually made bread?  Power to you who do but

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If it looks plain it probably taste that way! PASTA PASTA

Pasta can be that quick fix meal for the family or even when entertaining on short notice. It cook quickly even when making a lot and can be spruced to perfection with just a few shakes of this and that.
Ok you have your basic ingredients pasta, sauce, and meat. All which can be purchased at the store and made in 10 mins of less if you have everything out. I highly recommend making your own sauce though. If you make your own cheese sauce or a red sauce you can jar it and use it over the week in pasta and lasagna. It does take a good bit more effort to make your own sauce but the taste difference is like WHAM BHAM that's good different.

Ok for tonight though lets say you just have store bought sauce, some pre cooked shrimp, and noodles. What can you do to make this more interesting...
Add a veggie.. broccoli, peas, or spinach
Hit it with some heat.. Chili powder sprinkled in
Sprinkle with love.. or in guy language ...sprinkle with cheese when served.
Serve with toast and Salad and you have a nice Italian restaurant style mill.
Once again did we mention you can make all of the above in less than 30 mins??
Mommy's plus pasta = Love

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cracker Barrel eat your heart out..

Eggs cooked in Sourdough toast. I guess this is a new twist on the typical eggs, bacon, and toast. I love french toast and this is a great way to enjoy your eggs and toast together. Don't forget to use sourdogh bread because it makes a world of difference.  I actually made this for dinner because I'm always to tired to make a big breakfast and having it for dinner in a nice shakeup from the meat and veggies we eat normally.  I always ordered this as a kid from Cracker Barrel because I thought it was so neat. Lets see the meal there cost $7 for one person and for $7 I can make enough eggs in toast for 10 people. Cooking at home no matter what you cook comes out healthier and cost efficent. Get inspired here or with cook books and commit to making one meal a day at home. You will see a world of difference in your attitude towards food.

Pork and Mushroom Kabobs...

These Kabobs were excellent grilled and covered with lemon juice. Also paired with buttery white rice with a little touch of lemon juice too. This a healthy and delicious dinner. The taste is light and very summery. This is a great date night meal if you and your man can both get into the kitchen and make those kabobs together. Also a good party meal because it can be easily made in mass. My husband hardly ever takes the time to tell me what his meal taste like but he kept repeating over and over this is soooooooo good. Date night is more fun when you make something special and when is the last time you had kabobed anything? Turn something you make any day into something special just by making it in a different way. I will have to keep this one on file for when I'm doing a healthy cooking week. ;-)